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Studio Withanage for the best in conventional and digital photography


Bridal Photography, bridal make-up and costume arrangement are additional services available  at Studio Withanage
Bridal Photography is a specialty of Studio Withanage.  Bridal make up and bridal costume arrangement  by qualified female staff is available upon request. Individual and meticulous attention is paid to make that wedding photo and any other photographs taken on the day unique, memorable and faultless.

Digital Imaging has now given us the extra edge to make the task of faultless wedding photography a reality.


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Preparation of Wedding Photo Albums is another specialty of Studio Withanage
Prepare the Photo Album to commemorate that once in a life time occasion of your wedding. This album will become part of your history,  recording the most important social event of your life.

Digital Imaging gives us  the flexibility to customize and personalize your photos to suit your individual liking.



Reconstruction of damaged photographs and bringing them back to their original state is a service available under Digital Imaging





Alas! See what has happened to this photo due to dampness, neglect or accident. Perhaps, the negative is also lost or misplaced never to be found.

The sweet memories of a childhood could have been lost for ever. You don't have to be heart broken over this mishap any longer. With Digital Imaging the picture can be repaired, reconstructed and brought back to its original state, perhaps even better than the original.




Digital Imaging has come to your rescue. With the smart editing available under digital imaging software any damaged, scratched, defaced, soiled or spoilt photograph can be brought to its original status.

It is said that  a picture is worth a thousand words, so why discard that damaged or defaced photo? Bring it to us and we will revive it to put a smile on your face.




Click here for a listing (in Sinhalese) of the products and services available a listing of products & services  It is a happy computer doing all the work at Studio Withanage
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more on digital services and products

Click here for a visual description of the digital imaging at work digital processing at work
Click here for a couple of samples of digitally processed work at Studio Withanage samples of digital image editing
Click here for a simple explanation of digital photo basics digital photography basics

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