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Below is a short description of digital photo basics explained without high tec jargon

             From the experts at Studio Withanage


Welcome to Digital Photo Basics at STUDIO WITHANAGE!

Digital photography is our modern "Renaissance" in the world of photography. Digital cameras are becoming the mainstay in many photographic establishments and households opening many new ways for us to show our creativity.
This is a short article breaking the barrier of  technical jargon and making digital imaging easier to understand. Cameras, papers, internet sharing, computer software and many more topics relating to digital photography will be discussed here later on. So, please don't forget to bookmark this site and visit us at  STUDIO WITHANAGE again and again.

For now, come on in and let's get digital.

Image File Formats: What Are They?
Everyday images are being saved as files and used to enhance newsletters and web pages or sent, as photos, to family and friends. A lot of time and thought goes into deciding which images to use and store for later use. There are many different file formats used to store those images and using the wrong file format can cause some of the data to be lost. The worst-case scenario, the file wonít be able to be used at all.

Digital Photography Skills  
Basic photography skills, using conventional cameras, are important to take a quality picture. Digital cameras, however, bring with it not only new technology but new photographic skills. 

For the photographer with skills in conventional photography, digital photography is an additional tool to enhance both his already acquired skills as a photographer and his natural artistic or aesthetic talent.

Digital Camera Pixels - Making Sense Of The Numbers  
Sensors, arrays, CCD, pixels, resolution, images, these donít sound like photography terms. They sound more like science terms used to assemble some complicated apparatus not to mention they sound intimidating. These are the terms found in digital photography and these terms and their meanings can send most of us running back to 35mm film cameras where we feel safe.

Digital Cameras Ė What Exactly Are They?  
A digital camera captures images, but instead of using film as a 35mm does, the image is converted into digital information and, with the help of a computer, can be sent by email to family and friends or printed out in the convenience of your own home. Sounds very high tech but many of the latest digital cameras on the market today are easy to use and they are changing the way we take and use photos.

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